BMW R75/6 hotrod…


So…… A R75/6 is nice but, a tiny bit of work makes the motor a tad more peppy…. 1000cc Siebrock kit completely rebuilt heads w Black diamond valves, new hard valve seats — R90s intake spigots installed rebuilt – rejetted –38mm Dellortos of course – I know this is a bad video— but… this is my shop mate Tyler pulling a 2nd gear wheelie — without the clutch ……. just a roll on 2nd gear roll on wheelie!!!!…. pretty sick  

BMW R60/5 … Just a small top-end job


We had noticed pretty poor compression on the left cylinder, of course because its a BMW it still ran great– but, Joe really cares for this baby and it was time for a top-end job….. so, we did everything — at first startup after barley half a revolution it started up!!!! not bad! — compression now is perfect — idle is perfect ….very sweet little motor…. Joe did his due diligence and did the 500miles in 2 weekends Heads completely refurbished with hardened valve seats, new guides, new black diamond valves– Stainless pushrod tubes of course New BMW pistons, bored cylinders — look closely at the photos — cylinder fin was also repaired perfectly   Cylinders before Clinders after with… Read more →

Moto Guzzi Lemans 1 exploded Universal joint


“MY swingarm was smoking” ¬†– that was the Text I got… smoke indeed — this is a Manfred Hecht Moto Guzzi Lemans 1 … and it feels like it — tons of power everywhere -close ratio gearbox, dual plugged, lightened flywheel, 1000cc, needle bearing rockers …. FAST.. and my customer rides the pISS out of it.. Thought is was a good time to replace the shocks, change fork oil, re-pack swingarm bearings – adjust clip-ons… touch up swingarm “exploded view”   Toast   Another close up New bearing & clip   All done

Moto Guzzi V7 Sport…BEAT TO SHIT GUZZI week getting better SAT-SUN-MON


Well, the Guzzi week ended nicely — but still tested my patience.. Full service of course, — timing, carbs, cables, valves… easy– but — FRONT END WILL NOT MOVE… STRANGE– forks completely locked — pull apart — replace internals … no problem– why did it happen? — because the transporter COMPLETELY collapsed the forks in transit and destroyed the dampeners.. Lovley!

Moto Guzzi Ambassador Fri – Sat BEAT TO SHIT GUZZI WEEK


tough week of work– BEAT TO SHIT GUZZI WEEK continues….. Change all oils, replace gaskets (take extra 30min to scrape gasket surface—- because gaskets have not been changed in 10 years!!) throttle, throttle cables, starter relay, starter (upgrade) make ignition wires- plug caps, fix electrical – re wire headlight — install relay to throw high and low beam w/ headlight cutout in headlight shell, battery, make starter and groung strap, replace neutral switch, fuel line & filters, misc hardware, clutch cable, set timing, set point, set cables – make run good… Nasty gasket:   Better :   Cleaned up headlight shell — with relay to operate high and low beam



One of the most beat up 850T3′s I have ever worked on!!!… I MEAN EVER ¬†– supposedly the clutch was replaced — (IT WAS NOT) all came in with zip ties around the headlight ears (because the bike would cut out!!!!!!!!) — a ton of work was preformed — and no more zip ties–¬†ridiculous!! Replace clutch, replace main seal, input spline replaced and new seals– fix A LOT of electrical — full service, valves, timing, all oils, fix everything, replace missing bolts– new cables as needed — many many hours on the bench — and many left over parts that had no business being on the bike…. Still needs– steering head bearings, fork rebuild, shocks, etc, etc, etc, etc…… Next… Read more →

750 Ducati GT wheel Before & after


NASTY RIMS — sat for 15 years or so. Polished hubs, New Excell high lip rims (Borrani copies), stainless spokes & nipples, new bearings, stainless hardware, EBC Prolight rotor, Avon Roadrider tire… and a little lead for balance