BMW R75/6 hotrod…


So…… A R75/6 is nice but, a tiny bit of work makes the motor a tad more peppy…. 1000cc Siebrock kit completely rebuilt heads w Black diamond valves, new hard valve seats — R90s intake spigots installed rebuilt – rejetted –38mm Dellortos of course – I know this is a bad video— but… this is my shop mate Tyler pulling a 2nd gear wheelie — without the clutch ……. just a roll on 2nd gear roll on wheelie!!!!…. pretty sick  

Moto Guzzi V50 Monza paint job


Billy Joel thankfully does not own every V50 Monza!!!— here is a little beauty that got a full paint job and a nice long service that included replacing 2 missing motor mont bolts!!!!! crazy.. Small blocks are so dam fun to ride… this is a hell of a good looking bike!!   All stickers were reproduced Sexy

BMW R60/5 … Just a small top-end job


We had noticed pretty poor compression on the left cylinder, of course because its a BMW it still ran great– but, Joe really cares for this baby and it was time for a top-end job….. so, we did everything — at first startup after barley half a revolution it started up!!!! not bad! — compression now is perfect — idle is perfect ….very sweet little motor…. Joe did his due diligence and did the 500miles in 2 weekends Heads completely refurbished with hardened valve seats, new guides, new black diamond valves– Stainless pushrod tubes of course New BMW pistons, bored cylinders — look closely at the photos — cylinder fin was also repaired perfectly   Cylinders before Clinders after with… Read more →

1977 DUCATI 900ss


Some people actually still ride vintage Ducati’s in NY — this is exactly how the owner wants the bike–  A rider.. not a show pony — he rides the piss out of this 900… And I am very happy to service it.

1972 Moto Guzzi Ambassador “Sophia”


1972 Moto Guzzi Ambassador “Sophia”— Loving owned — built by Antietam Classic Cycle ( ) — A true joy to service– every thoughful upgrade has been done, nothing is out of place — makes for a very easy to service bike…… always a joy to service this baby! Beauty

1983 Moto Guzzi Lemans 3


A normal service… new Avon tires, re-build carbs, rejet carbs, install air filter, re-build clutch, install EnDralast charging system, tourque heads-adjsut valves, powder-coat valve covers, install Gel battery, make new ground & stater cables, install all new cables, change oil & filter, install fuel line & filters, install NGK racing wire, install Speigler brake lines, install CRG mirror…  



This BMW sat in a collection for over 10 years when the current owner first brought it to us for a       standard service we found small amounts of metal in the oil which let us to unfortunately but fortunately bringing back this R90S into it’s original shape and with a little more pep. Upgrades include: – 1000cc Siebenrock Kit, stainless steel push-rod tubs – Completely rebuild heads, black diamond valves, new hardened valve seats – Complete front-end rebuild with progressive springs – New YSS rear shocks – Stainless Spiegler break lines – Re-jetted & Re-built carburetors to work with the Siebenrock upgrade kit