Moto Guzzi Lemans Se / 750S->1000S Conversion

Image of Moto Guzzi Lemans Se / 750S->1000S Conversion

This bike started as an 1987 Moto Guzzi Lemans SE, after being submerged during the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina I decided to make some upgrades.

Frame was augmented so as to use a V7 sport seat, also tabs were added for V7 sport toolboxes, Motor was upgraded to 1100cc, with Carillo rods and lightened and balanced crank, Dynotek cam installed to cure all mid range flat spots, heads dual plugged with complete head job, Moto Spezial deep sump, Moto Spezial Rear-sets with integrated rear master cylinder, Moto Spezial freely programmable ignition / dash- with 8 per programmed ignition curves, timed directly off of the cam, complete wiring harness made literally “in the house” , Excel rims with 300mm Speigler floaters, light weight flywheel, close ratio SE gearbox completely reworked by Zydeco Racing, paint by Cycle Garden in Huntington beach, — the devils in the details– Ducati handlebar switches plug directly into the wiring harness– no hacked wires– if the switch fails– off to the nearest Ducati dealership to plug in a new handlebar switch…. Oh, and Ohlins shocks.




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