1974 Ducati 750 Sport


1974 750 Sport 2nd production stage, exceptional original paint, 15,817 miles.. this is nicest original sport I have had, rare factory ordered dual disk, NOS CEV switches – completely rewired (see below) – In my opinion the 750 sport has some of the best lines of the 70′s Ducati’s. this one is a real collectors piece, and you can ride it.. I have meticulously gone over this bike for the last 3 months.. and it is one of the best. Paint details: Amazing original Gel coat paint with NO repo body work, under the body work parts Ducati had stickers from batches of parts (see below pics).. also, take note of the inner rear fender as the tabs are correctly in place for… Read more →

1979 Ducati 900ss 6,658mi

1979 Ducati 900 Sport for Moto Borgotaro

1979 Ducati 900ss 6,658mi. you are looking at one of the nicest original unmolested Ducati’s I have come across. AT 1am en-route for late night Chinese was first time I opened this baby up over 70 over the Manhattan bridge… nothing like a 900ss over the bridge at night.. nothing looks sexier.. Acquired from the 1st owner, who was nice enough to not to take the airbox’s off or the original tires and, so save every little bit and bob as he put the 6k mi on her…..Very fast, very smooth.. feels NEW Paint details: Absolutely amazing original  paint, this is of the time where Ducati would use a older style water transfer sticker on paint, when you run your hand over the decals… Read more →

1993 Moto Guzzi 1000s

1993 Moto Guzzi 1000S

1993 Moto Guzzi 1000s, original paint, 28,000 miles.. Harder and harder to find as no one wants to let them go the 1000s is one of the first retro modern bikes. Made for 3 years in slightly diffrent configurations. The 1000s is highly sought after by Guzzi lovers. This one is set up BUB pipes, Lucas turn signals and a C.E.V tail light for a much cleaner overall look. Paint details: Excellent original paint, some cracking here and there around the side covers. Frame: Excellent, original condition. Wheels: Excellent original wheels Electrical details: Everything in full working order, checked and re-checked during service. original set up. Riding: Smooth. fast. no popping. perfectly jetted and tuned Disclaimer: Every single bike I buy and sell, I personally go through—-not someone… Read more →

1977 Ducati 900ss

Moto Borgotaro Ducati 900SS

1977 Ducati 900ss 9,568mi. Very original unmolested Ducati. Paint details: Amazing original paint, this is of the time where Ducati would use a older style water transfer sticker on paint, when you run your hand over the decals they are super smooth. NO raised vinyl aftermarket stickers.  The decals are cracked, and should not be touched. Normal wear from minimal use. Tank has slight skuffing from normal use and has slight indentation– hard to see at first glance and not enought to write home about. Frame: Excellent 9 out of 10, light yellowing and spotting here and there, but very nice. a few spots around the chain. Wheels: Correct 4777 rims – excellent condition Electrical details: I installed a new Shorai battery. Every circuit works,… Read more →

1979 MOTO GUZZI LEMANS Apollonia


Bike is offered with complete 1 year warranty ON EVERYTHING…. I MEAN EVERYTHING. BIKE IS NAMED AFTER THE GREAT ITALIAN ACTRESS SIMONETTA STEFANELLI FROM THE GODFATHER PART 2.. ACTUALLY ALL OF MY GUZZI’S ARE NAMED AFTER HER 4 more bikes will be built -  Here she is:  1000cc, completely built motor lighted & balanced flywheel, pistons, rods dual plugged ported heads Raceco cam lightened flywheel Straight cut, close ratio gearbox, with shaved lower dogs for quick shifting- Specially prepared by Zydeco Racing Lower frame rails deleted – and reinforced Brembo radial master cylinder Speigler brake lines Custom YSS shocks Ceramic Wheel & UJ Bearings Special heavy weight slides- for quick throttle action  Velocity stacks Factory LM1 Race exhaust Agostini rear-sets Agostini breather… Read more →